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KO Sport Roller Skating Discos *NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING*

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30th November SOLD OUT

  • Suitable for 8-12 year olds
  • Roller skates provided (£2) but you can bring your own as long as they are in good condition
  • Wrist guards provided
  • Up to date popular music
  • Marshalled skate
  • Tuition provided from 6.30-7pm
  • Freestyle skating and games from 7-8pm

* Bring a drink and wear layers *

Please note: If you are leaving your child at the venue, please be advised we will not be responsible for your child outside of the main hall as our marshall’s will need to be in the hall at all times.  We will need your contact details if you are leaving the venue.  Please ensure you return in good time.  The children will not be allowed out of the hall with their skates on – boots off outside the hall, no exceptions!



Peopleton Village Hall
Nr Pershore
WR10 2EG
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KO Sport Roller Disco and Skates Hire Booking & Payment

Pay by these methods
Roller Disco 30th November SOLD OUT
Qty of Children *   £5.00 each
Child's name or children's names *
If you require skates please return here by clicking the "Continue Shopping" button from the Shopping Cart and add skates below.
Qty skate hire *   £2.00 pair
Skate sizes *  Sizes 1 - 10 available

Disclaimer *PLEASE READ*

KO Sport highly recommends the use of personal protective equipment during skating activity. This is provided to loan free of charge as part the ticket price. Wearing protective equipment will greatly reduce the chance of injury due to a fall / collision. KO Sport accepts no responsibility for injury caused by a fall / collision which would have otherwise not occurred if protective equipment had been worn.

Persons using their own skates and equipment are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of such and KO Sport cannot be held responsible for any accidents, damage or injury caused by such skates and equipment to yourself or a third party.

KO Sport reserve the right to refuse admission and to remove persons from the venue for any reason including behaviour likely to cause damage, injury, nuisance or annoyance, or for failure to comply with the reasonable requests of KO Sport or their representatives staffing the Event.

People skating at this venue do so entirely at their own risk and KO Sport cannot be held responsible for any accidents caused by in house structures, objects, or by actions of other skaters. KO Sport are not responsible for any loss, injury or damage, howsoever caused, to yourself or third party, your property or clothing.

Anyone deemed to be a danger to themselves or others as a result of excessive alcohol consumption or illegal substance will be refused access to the Rink and surrounding areas and no refunds will be offered.

KO Sport staff will be marshalling inside the main hall; once children leave this area they are no longer under our supervision; therefore please ensure YOU (parent/carer) are responsible for your own child.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

We highly recommend that you do not take part in skating activity if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, brittle bones, joint injuries or any other condition that could be aggravated by this activity.
If you are, or suspect you are pregnant you should not take part in this activity.

Equipment Hire

By agreeing to this document you consent to your shoes being used as a deposit for hiring skates. If you do not return hire skates or protective equipment, your shoes will be held until such time as KO Sport have received full reimbursement for *missing skates or protective equipment. Legal action will be pursued against anyone suspected of theft.
*Missing skates will be charged at £75.00, Wrist guards £10.00

Cloakroom Notice

Additional items left behind in the changing area are done so entirely at the Owners risk. KO Sport can accept no responsibility for the loss or any damage to these items. We strongly recommend that valuable items such as phones, wallets and purses are kept on your person at all times. If in doubt please ask and we will endeavour to help you.

Skating Area Disclaimer:

KO Sport are pleased to provide this skating service. Whilst we have attempted to make the venue as safe as possible, the very nature of roller skating means that accidents can occasionally happen.
KO Sport cannot accept any responsibility for injury or harm caused to children, or to children’s property whilst using this facility.
We would strongly recommend parental supervision, as once the children have left the designated roller skating area (the main hall) then they are no longer supervised by KO Sport staff.

Rules for Skating *PLEASE READ*

1.Please ensure that you heed all signs.
2. Socks must be worn when wearing hire skates.
3. Skate within your own ability.
4. NO FOOD or DRINKS to be taken on to the skating rink.
5. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
7. Please skate in an anti-clockwise direction, unless otherwise instructed by the skate marshals.
9. Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or anyone under the influence, will not be permitted on the premises.
10. Please listen to the skate marshals; they are there for your safety!
11. All patrons must report any injuries to the management, regardless of the severity.
12. If you are pregnant or have a serious medical condition or injury that may be aggravated by exercise, please do not skate.
13. While skating; no pushing, fast skating, or suddenly stopping at any time on the skate floor is permitted, as these actions will jeopardize the safety of other skaters.
14. NO horseplay or disruptive behaviour.
15. No profanity. Repetitive profanity and foul or abusive language will lead to suspension from the rink.
17. The DJ area is out of bounds.
18. No skates are to be worn in the toilets. Get your shoes from the resting area and put them back on. You may retrieve your skates afterwards.
19. No standing still on the skating floor.
20. No chewing gum allowed.
21. No smoking in the building.
22. No skates/rollerblades to be worn entering or leaving the building.
23. No carrying of children whilst on skates at any time!!
24. Please return your skates as a matching pair in order to retrieve your shoes.
Management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time. If you are asked to leave, no refunds will be given.