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GDPR – KO Sport Document 2018

This document is a guide to how KO Sport records, safeguards and uses information that we hold on customers when they join our membership scheme or any of our short courses. KO Sport is committed to the protection of our valued members and local community user’s privacy through compliance of the Data Protection Act and current best practice.

Legal basis for processing your information

When you sign up for membership or a short course, the information we take from you and subsequently process will be done on the basis of the KO SPort’s legitimate interest in processing that data because of the relationship established (General Data Protection Regulation Art. 6(1)(f)). We will ask your consent to process any sensitive information, such as medical conditions (see above), and process this information on the basis of that consent (General Data Protection Regulation Art. 6(1)(a)). Remember, you can email us on enquiries@kosport.co.uk to change your information or request for removal of certain information from our systems or to ask questions about the way in which we process your information.

How we collect information

  • In order to join our membership scheme, use the classes or take part in any organised activity such as a running group, we request that you provide us with basic information that will help us identify you and allow us to help you get the best service from the KO Sport.
  • We collect this information either;
    - In person from you, when you come to complete your application form or PAR-Q before you begin; and
    - Via the web, when you buy an online purchase.

The information we collect

  • We need to be able to identify our members and anyone who signs up for a short course, or wishes to use the classes.
  • this is basic information such as your full name, address and contact details.
  • It might also include more sensitive data such as any medical issues that might affect your workout.
  • We have a general “PAR-Q” information sheets which stands for “Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire” which gives us an indication of your current fitness levels and any medical or physical attributes that might require us to modify your exercise when you are here are exercising with us.
  • Although we do ask for gender, this information is not used for reporting purposes.

How we use the information

  • We use your personal information to create a member profile that is unique to you.
  • We use your email to circulate information regarding classes and membership changes here at KO Sport.

Your choices

  • You are able to request how we contact you, and ask to be removed from mailing lists.
  • By law, you are now able to ask for all personal data regarding you to be removed from our membership and database.
  • Request for removal.
  • Your membership information updated at the end of your term unless you request to terminate early or set up another monthly membership.
  • We can remove all your records from KO Sport database, but you will then need to complete another ParQ if you wish to use our classes at a later date.

How we protect your personal information

  • Our membership information is held centrally on KO Sport's record system. This allow us to have a protected and robust database to ensure that your information is not shared externally.
  • We do not share your information to external parties.
  • We only use your information for membership purposes or when you sign up for a course or a personal training induction.
  • We do not sell or distribute our mailing lists.

Your consent

  • When you sign up for membership or a class, we ask you to provide information to enable us to process your application.
  • You can email us on enquiries@kosport.co.uk to change your information or request for removal from our systems.

Right of access

  • You have the right to request permission to see what data we hold on your account and how we use this information to process your application.


  • Our website only holds information regarding activities and facilities at the KO Sport and does not have any direct external links.

Social Media Platforms

  • We frequently use Social Media Platforms to promote what is going on at KO Sport. We use photographs of our members in classes and other venues only with permission of that person.
  • We sometimes have a professional photographer to come and take shots – permission will be asked for before the photoshoot and pre-warning will be given on Social Media sites.
  • Sometimes our teachers will ask to take a shot during or after the class.
  • No photographs or videos are taken without informing the members first.
  • Any photographed used on our sites can be removed if the person wishes.
  • We have a general FB pages which provides information @kosportcoaching.com.
  • We have a specific KO Sport Buddies FB page, which is a closed group for our members and class tutors to share information and ask questions.