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11 Week Body Beautiful Programme - Starts 13th Jan! Finishes 30th Mar 2020.

What does this mean?

Our 11 week programme will give you enough information for you to make signifcant changes to your body between now and March. Follow our plan and you will lose weight!

We have a separate Facebook page which is a closed group. Only subscribers to the service can access the content and join the forum. This will be the platform for all our advice and posts.

Please note - you will need to be on Facebook, set up a temporary account if need be.

What do you get?

- 11 week steps - diet and exercise guide (you can apply/adjust this to your own schedule as and when)

- Predominantly diet and nutrition advice, promoting fat loss and healthy lifestyle. We will be promoting a Ketosis diet/lifestyle

- Improve overall health, detox and adopt lifelong habits for a healthy you

- Tweaking your diet to suit your lifestyle and exercise needs

- Membership to a secret facebook group

- Online advice and support, offering assistance to anyone near or far

- A community of like minded individuals, providing support to each other and a forum for chat

- Tips on how to shift stubborn fat

- Healthy lifestyle and life time healthy diet changes

- Reverse type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes

- Reduce your risk of heart disease

- Links to all KO sport online workouts

- Instant (where possible) access to Kate and Olivia for diet and exercise advice, your questions answered

Is it for me?

- If you want to lose weight

- If you want to change body shape

- If you wish to reverse type 2 and/or pre-diabetes

- If you are worried about heart disease risk

- If you're a mum looking to get their figure back after having children

- If you are time limited and can't make classes

- Be prepared to commit 100% to the process. If you don't, you'll be wasting your money

- Be prepared to make some changes, expect to plan and prepare your food choices and try new things

- Take responsibility for your choices. Advice is given, your choice to adopt it

- If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, speak to us privately to discuss if this would be suitable for you. May require doctors approval

- See the course through to gain all its benefits

How much will it cost for the 11 weeks? (you can join at any time during the 11 weeks, the price remains the same) but the online support ends after 30th March.

Members £50
Non-members £75
PT clients FREE.


"I signed up for the 12 week body beautiful programme because I wanted to loose weight, reduce my sugar intake and feel good about my appearance again. I have struggled recently with weight gain and shape and the sound of the programme, with actually talking to you briefly at the beginning Liv, sounded like it would be something I could do and may help me healthwise.

At first it was hard going through a kind of detox especially from the sugar but after a few weeks I started to feel much better. My weight loss wasn’t massive but I did hit my goal weight loss and my body shape started to change and look leaner, the bloating feeling in the tummy was going, my skin looked clearer and overall I felt so much better. The food choice suited me and I did not feel hungry which was a surprise. I did have cravings for bread, potatoes and puddings but it does pass.

I finished the 12 week programme in September and having reached my goal weight loss, definitely noticed my body shape change and getting into smaller size clothes its a great programme which seems to suit me . I continue to watch what I eat and limit the sugar, carbs etc but not as strict as on the 12 week programme. I think it is still work in progress, getting to understand my own body and find out what suits you and your lifestyle .

I could not have got through the 12 weeks without your constant support email / text and seeing you at Zumba class. Going to both your classes and Kates was very important , really did not feel that I was on my own.

I have recommended this programme to so many friends who have commented on how much weight I have lost and how my shape has changed.
The key for me is diet, exercise and friendship all of which I have had from you both Liv, Kate and the gang who attend the KO sports classes. A great bunch of people."

Why should I trust KO Sport?

- Olivia is a mum of an 11 year old daughter and has extensive sport, training and exercise experience. Currently qualified level 4 PT at GP Referral level. Fitness model competitor. England touch rugby athlete.
- Kate is a mum of 5 year old twin boys and has extensive sport, training and exercise experience. Currently qualified level 4 PT at GP Referral level and lower back pain specialist.
- Both have helped many clients reach their personal fitness goals.

If you are interested in signing up for this service, please pay below.


Once we've received payment you will receive an email giving you instructions on how to access the Facebook site.

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