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Lower Back Pain Clinic

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Non Specific Lower Back Pain Clinic

Lower back pain is extremely common, up to 60% of the adult population can expect lower back pain at some point in their life.

Non specific lower back pain is classed as pain, stiffness or soreness in the lumbar area of the back between lower ribs and top of legs, which cannot be attributed to a specific cause.

Time off work, reduced productivity, and loss of employment due to non specific lower back pain is cited in some studies as responsible for 11 to 13.5% of all time off work [Sterud & Tynes, 2013].

The estimated working days lost in the UK in 2015-2016 due to work related back disorders was 3.4 million. On average each person took 15.9 days off work as a result of back pain [HSE, 2016].

NICE have produced a national guideline which recommends structured exercise programmes, along with other holistic approaches, as the treatment for non specific lower back pain.

What should I expect?

An initial consultation will be required, to assess the symptoms and potential causes. A unique programme will  be designed, specifically to meet your needs. You will also be expected to attend a weekly class which is also designed to meet your needs.

The classes will take place once per week for 8 weeks for 45 mins. During each class you will perform a series of exercises and stretches, which have been chosen to improve the movement and coordination of the shoulders, trunk, lower back and pelvic regions. With the view to preventing and improving lower back issues. We will also look to improve overall posture reduce the potential for Upper and Lower Crossed Syndrome. This a gentle class, which will not require sweating!

The class will be supervised by a Level 4 Lower Back Pain Professional (we are not medical professionals) who will check you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. If you feel any pain during the exercise then please inform the instructor.

Why is this class good for lower back pain?

Nearly all research agrees that exercise is the best treatment for people with lower back pain. Evidence shows that exercise can reduce pain and improve overall function.

The aim of this class is to give you the tools to be able to manage and hopefully improve your condition. In some cases this may mean that the class is preventing the condition from worsening.

How does exercise help?

Exercise can help

  • to improve flexibility, strength, endurance and fitness, all of which help in the prevention and treatment of lower back pain.
  • improve mood and mental well-being.
  • reduce the risk of other health problems, such as heart problems, diabetes or obesity.

Should I do exercises outside of the class?

To get the best results from this programme, you should do exercises at home on a regular basis as well.

As part of the class you will be given a number of exercises to perform as homework, which will be vital for improving your condition.

Go on give us a try on Wednesday's at, St Barnabas School Hall, Drakes Broughton at 7.30-8.15pm.

What will it cost me?

Face to face personalised, comprehensive consultation and assessment resulting in a collaboration between professionals to:
Design and deliver a mobilising and strengthening plan specific to your needs.
8 x Strengthening sessions.
2 x Sports massage.
£190 non-members
£124 members

Telephone consultation and assessment.
Designed personalised plan for mobilising and strengthening.
8 x Strengthening sessions.
£115 non-members
£75 members

8 x Strengthening sessions.
£72 non-members
£47 members

Please contact us for further details.

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